Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What’s it all about then?
A: Pop culture and everything else that is smack talkable. So everything. It’s about everything.

Q: What is the deal with Halle Berry’s nerps?
A: Nothing. There is no deal. No contract, no marketing plot. Ask our lawyer.

Q: Why are the episodes so messy and long?
A: This podcast is not formal. It’s just a conversation between two friends who had a lot to rant about.

Q: I’m hurt? Is Jay that sensitive?
A: Absolutely.

Q: What is a “Halle Berry bag of chips”?
A: It’s whatever you want it to be. Feel free to use it.

Q: Van is awesome.
A: Van is awesome.

Q: Can I register on this awesome site?
A: Why would you want to? Just kidding. In the future, you will be able to. SO travel at 88mph and we’ll see you there.

Q: Can I be a guest?
A: If you are willing to be put on blast from the first to last seconds of the podcast, then absolutely.

Q: How long have you two been friends?
A: Long enough to hate each other one second and be laughing about it a the next.

Q: So there is a great level of respect between you then?
A: More than it shows on the podcast, yes.

Q: Halle Berry’s tits?
A: Fantastic.

Q: Wait… Chris?
A: Yeah and guess what… he’s totally British.

Q: Why not Jennifer Lopez’s booty instead of Halle Berry’s nerps?
A: If you go hard you gotta get on the floor… okay?

Q: I am offended by this podcast. How do I get an hour of my life back?
A: Pick any of your daily activities and skip an hour of it. Time well swapped.

Q: Let me just sue you instead.
A: Please do. It’s good publicity.

Q: Crap… nevermind.
A: Okay!

Q: Bye bye.
A: Halle Berry’s… oh you’re gone.

Q: Wait your back? WTF kind of finale happens 2 years later? …Dumbasses.
A: Hell yeah! You should listen to it. It’s really long… That’s what she said.


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