Episode 13: Ego vs Self Confidence

1 hour, 18 minutes

This episode we discuss some new ideas for the upcoming last quarter of the season, like the possibility of smack talk topics rather than just banter back and forth.

Episode 12: Pringles (with WaydeUltima and scotty2hotty)

Episode 11: Out With A Bang

47 minutes

This podcast started out just fine and ended up going into some more heated territory. Jay and Van were genuinely trolling each other after trying multiple times to record this podcast.

Episode 10: Van vs Preggers

1 hour, 20 minutes

Van talks about his argument with his pregnant friend. Is he the baby-daddy? Jay argues with Van, even though he knows nothing of the situation, for the sake of his reputation on the podcast.

Episode 9: We’re Trying Not to Get Sued Here (Official Disclaimer)

18 minutes

Our lawyers got up in our grills about the content of our podcasts, so this is a disclaimer so that he doesn’t have to do his job.

Episode 8: HAHA What?

1 hour

Nothing to tell. Just listen and enjoy… basically Jay was far too lazy to think of a description relevant to the content of this episode. Deal with it.

Episode 7: Herps

1 hour, 5 minutes

Jay tells us a story or two about some herpies. After he finds his ability to speak properly, that is.

Episode 6: Let’s Get Srs

1 hour, 9 minutes

We took a more serious direction in this episode. It’s not an overly funny episode but there are the comedic moments.

Episode 5: Boring Old Us

1 hour, 34 minutes

Nothing much to say here. We’re not hilarious in this episode, but we have our moments nonetheless.

Episode 4: Van Is Angry While Jay Plays Halo

2 hours, 2 minutes

Van is pretty pissed off today. What’s new? Jay plays Halo and is pretty random throughout the episode as he pwns the newbly ooblies.

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