Episode 29 (Extra): Newborn Phoenix!

13 minutes

We’re back! But before we come out with any new full length episodes, we have a special alternate beginning to Episode #29. We found this in our recordings archive and felt it would be a nice little website extra.

Episode 32: Another League!

1 hour, 2 minutes

More League of Legends after a short break from the podcast. Van covers ADC with Varus and Jay charges in with Support Nami.

Episode 31: Ziggs and His Bomb Threats!

1 hour, 19 minutes

We’re back! Kind of, we think. Pretty sure we’re back, but probably not. We play some more League of Legends as we tend to do from time to time.

Episode 30: Back to Halo 4!

1 hour, 34 minutes

We come back to you this week with some old school SWAT shootage. We were feeling our roots today. Enjoy our frustration with the new SWAT game types.

Episode 29: All that Fun Stuff!

1 hour, 32 minutes

How excited are you all that we are back? Probably about as excited as we were. We recorded this episode because we got bored enough to come back. Playing some League of Legends, as we will.

Episode 28: Convention Updates

1 hour, 2 minutes

Randall tells us about his convention weekends. We play some more League of Legends because why the heck not. Who is gonna stop us? You? HAHAHAHA… no. We play!

Episode 27: Trolls, Cho’Gath, and Pibbers!

1 hour, 6 minutes

We’re back in our official form! This time we continue our addiction to League of Legends. We have some constructive conversations, funny moments, and of course… noises and arguing about League of Legends. Today is also Jay’s Birthday. How lame for him.

Episode 26: Yay Tibbers!

24 minutes

So we decided to play League of Legends as it is the best free to play game ever created. Quote us. Jay plays as his usual, Kennen. A racoon gerbal mini ninja from the Ionian Isles. Randall plays as Ashe. The Freljordian beauty from the icy north Valoran. Enjoy as we obliterate Cho’Gath over and over.

Episode 25: Stayed Up to Play!

48 minutes

Jay has a job or some crap, so he was only available to do the podcast after work (12am his time) so Randall stayed up to make sure the podcast could be recorded.

Episode 24: Spawned and Died!

36 minutes

Jay and Randall get spawn raped a lot. Playing some SWAT on Halo 4, it’s just not happening for them today. Shoutout to 343 for not shutting us down for bitching them out.

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